Comfy Rib wool socks saffron

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These Comfy Rib wool socks are probably the most comfy hand made wool socks you've ever used. They are loose and light and will virtually be hugging your feet. They are knitted with Nalle-yarn, which is slightly thinner and looser than our classic wool socks making the wool socks very pleasant and soft and therefore perfect for the spring.

Depending on our wool artisan, a pair of classic wool socks take about 10-14 hours to knit and each sock has around 7500 stitches all hand made with love <3

Wool socks are extremely elastic and will adjust to almost any feet perfectly. We all have our preferences wether we like loose or tight socks so there's no one right way to choose sock size. Also some people wear wool socks bare foot and others like to wear them on cotton or other thin socks. Both are equally popular.

We'd like to remind that since our socks are hand knitted and wool is a natural material, there will never be two socks that are exactly alike. 

However, we've collected here some basic guidelines which should help you to choose the correct size. Since our wool sock models are all unisex we've converted also the size chart so that everyone should find a suitable size.

Unisex sock sizes

EU women

EU men

UK men / women

Sock foot length cm 

Sock foot length inch





~22 cm






~24 cm






~26 cm






~28 cm


All our wool socks are knitted with yarn which contains 75 % wool and 25 % polyamide

The Love spell and Tippy Toe braid socks contain also 1% polyester. 

The softness of the yarn comes from the high-quality wool, the strength from the polyamide used. 

Since wool is antibacterial and dirt repellent by nature, we suggest washing only if there's visible dirt on sock. How ever, if you feel that the socks have stretched too much (it can happen to a naturally elastic fibre, washing will help the socks to return to their original shape.)

Wash with like colors. The washing machine shouldn't be too full, preferably use delicate or wool cycle. Steam ironing after washing recommended.

Washing instructions:

  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble-drye
  • Flat dry
  • Wash at 30°-40°C
  • Iron under a towel at low temperature after wash recommended
  • Dry clean possible

Please note:  As wool is a natural fibre, the pilling of the surface is only natural. We recommend you to remove the pills every now and then with a pill remover. 

... and another note. When you wash the socks and they are still wet, it is possible that you smell the "lovely" fragrance of countryside and the sheep. The fragrance will go away when the socks get dry again. Sorry for the inconvenience but it comes with the naturallity. :)


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