Made in Finland

Quality is the matter of honor for us. All Happy in Finland socks are designed and made in Finland. Even the yarn we use is manufactured in Finland by Novita, the almost 100-year-old, family owned yarn manufacturer based in Kouvola.

Our knitters, or wool artisans as we like to call them, are Finnish women, young and old who usually spend their free time with knittings on their hands. Since all knitters are unique, also their script might vary. Some knit a bit tighter and some knit more loose. After a huge amount of testing, we have learned how to adjust the script so that the socks are as even as possible. Even though there still might be traces of uniqueness. And in fact, we are really happy about this!

Natural wool

And you know what. Also the sheep are unique individuals. Wool is a 100% natural material known since time immemorial and it has changed very little over time. However, the sheeps' age, gender, time of year, regimen, farm and many other conditions affect how the raw material reacts to further processing such as coloring. So there may be slight differences between balls of wool used in our socks knitting.

Wool qualities

Wool as a material is so breathable that your feet will never get sweaty. Instead wool moves moisture away from the skin and keeps your feet dry and warm. Thanks to it's antimicrobial qualities, wool is also dirt and odour repellent by nature, so machine washing is hardly needed. Wool is also resilient and elastic material so the socks hardly ever tighten anyone’s feet. Read more about the great qualities of wool here.

Proudly unique

Together hand knitting and natural materials make our socks unique and we promise that there are no two pairs of socks that are exactly alike. 


Being our main raw material, wool is the most reusable and recyclable fibre on the planet. We at Happy in Finland care for the planet and climate in many other ways as well.

Our yarn is produced by using renewable energy sources, and the heat produced by the drying process is recovered. Modern plant generate very little production waste and almost everything can be recycled. Also our packaging materials are printed on recycled paper.

As the products for sale are hand knitted by our wool artisans’ in their own homes the socks production itself does not cause extra climate burden.

Just to make the socks more durable, we have added a little polyamide to some of our wool yarns. This is how we make sure that our valued customers are able to enjoy the Happy in Finland socks for as long as possible.


Our wool socks are hand knitted by Finnish knitters in their spare time as their dear hobby. Hence the manufacturing process is as responsible as possible. It is also essential for us to pay attention to the welfare of sheep and the actual wool yarn production. For that reason we have chosen to source all our yarns from the Finnish manufacturer Novita, for which corporate social responsibility is one of the core values of the business.

The wool of our socks comes from the Northern Hemisphere, countries such as UK, Norway and Finland. The well-being of animals is taken seriously in these countries, the animals welfare is based on EU-level legislation which is closely supervised by the local authorities.

Majority of our wool is sourced from the UK, where the wool producers comply with the British Wool Statement on Animal Welfare. In the UK, sheep farms are typically small, with 350 sheep on average, and the sheep can graze outdoors on natural pastures. The sheep wool shearing process is also subject to strict guidelines and regulations.

N.B. As much as we would like to gain only wool sheared from Finnish sheep but unfortunately its local production is not enough for our yarn production. For that reason we've decided to trust our woolly friends in the UK, whom we greatly appreciate. 

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