Hei! Sivuston käännöstyö on vielä kesken, mutta tässä jo tarinamme englanniksi. Pyrimme kääntämään sivut mahdollisimman pian suomenkielelle :)

The world yearns for happiness & comfort and we at Happy in Finland are on a mission to spread genuine woolen happiness around the world!  

Wool socks are probably the single most Finnish thing you could ever find (in addition to the sauna). All Finns have wool socks and most of us have several pairs. In addition to keeping our feet warm during the winter, they give us comfort and happiness throughout the year. They are soft and comfy and if you ask the Finns what would be their happy place, many will tell you a story involving wool socks. That story may also include a fireplace, a sofa and a glass of good wine. Also our pure nature and empowering forest trips might be mentioned. Finns know very well what happiness is. According to a United Nations’ annual World happiest report, Finland has been crowned as the world's happiest country three times in a row. We at Happy in Finland are pretty sure that this happiness has something to do with the woolen socks. 

How our story started

We are living awkward times. The world turned around during the spring 2020 and everything changed. Insecurities have evolved and discussion has polarized. We at Happy in Finland felt that we must find a way to share some happiness to the world and it must be done so that it doesn’t burden the climate more. During the spring when we were all working at home (wearing wool socks) we just knew that this is it. With wool socks we can bring at least a tiny bit of comfort to people’s lives without stimulating yet another contradictory discussion. And that’s exactly what we did. We left our daily jobs, and here we are now. 

Best at home

The best place to wear wool socks is home. No matter the weather, many Finns wear wool socks as soon as they switch off and return home after a hard day’s work. Or when working remote at home, even though we look sharp and sophisticated in video conferencing, we probably wear hand knitted woolen socks outside the screen. Genuine wool keeps your feet warm and cozy, but as the material is so breathable, your feet will never get sweaty. Wool is also dirt repellent by nature, so machine washing is hardly needed. They just stay clean day after day. 

Soft packages are our favorites

Another question you will definitely get “wool socks” as an answer is, if you ask a Finn; “What is the most common gift you get from your grandmother?” Just try it! We are so used to getting wool socks as a Christmas present that our youngsters might sometimes forget to appreciate those soft packages sometimes. But when they grow older, the woolen socks are likely to end up on their gift list again. 

Every Finn knits

Today there are so many knitters in Finland that you can in fact call it a boom. Most of us find knitting meditative and social and hence knit basic woolen socks for their own delight. There are also enthusiasts who make knitting almost an art and spread joy to others by making authentic and high quality woolen socks in all possible shapes, patterns and colors you can imagine.  
And that’s how new authentic Happy in Finland wool socks are born every day. Every single pair of Happy in Finland’s wool socks are hand knitted by Finnish women, young and old.  


Wool socks: [noun] Atmosphere where you feel at peace.
Welcome to find your inner Happy Finn with us!