Why wool?

For hundreds of reasons! Wool is a 100% natural material known since time immemorial and has changed very little over time. And that's for a reason; properties of natural wool are so unbeatable that there's no reason to change anything. Let us give you a few facts about wool and our wool socks.

100% climate friendly

Wool is the most reusable and recyclable fibre on the planet. And it is also compostable. In fact, it only isn't less bad for the environment, it can be good for the environment. That’s right, instead of producing carbon, wool (if the animals are farmed responsibly) helps isolate carbon from our atmosphere into the soil.

Instead of running a separate manufacturing plant, our wool socks are hand made by wool artisans' at their own homes so the production itself does not cause extra climate burden.

Also the yarn we use is ethically produced by Novita, the almost 100-year-old, family owned yarn manufacturer based in Kouvola, Finland. The yarn is produced by using renewable energy sources, and our packaging are printed on recycled materials. Not to mention the fact that the sheep welfare is taken very seriously. Please read more about our quality and sustainability here.

It's natural and renewable

Every year sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a completely renewable fibre.

Wool is breathable

Natural wool fibers are naturally breathable. They absorb large quantities of moisture and allow it to evaporate, making wool socks feel more comfortable than socks made from other fibers such as cotton. Wool also reacts to your body temperature and keeps you comfortable all the time. Which means that your feet will never get sweaty and on the other hand, wool keeps you warm when the floors are cold. 

Wool is breathable

Keeps you fresh

Thanks to wool's ability absorb moisture, it locks odours during wear. As a result, woolen socks remain fresh for much longer. 

Wool socks keep you fresh

No need to wash often

Wool has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Lanolin found on sheep’s wool inhibit the growth bacteria and repel dirt. The same coating repels water. Thanks to all these qualities washing is hardly ever needed and woolen textiles will smell fresh after repeated use, unlike synthetic fibers.

No need to wash often

It's elastic

Wool fibers resist tearing and are able to reshape on themselves. Wool is also naturally elastic, so the socks have the ability to stretch comfortably with the wearer, making them fit on virtually everybody's feet no matter the size or shape of the foot. And that's actually the reason we don't keep different collection for men and women. Feel free to choose any sock you LOVE.