The Finns and the wool socks

Let's talk about wool socks. By now you've probably learned that the people in Finland are crazy about them. Even thought other nationalities knit too, it seems that no one does as much as we do. You might have noticed that Finnish word villasukka is many times used as a wool sock -hashtag in Instagram, no matter the nationality of the instagrammer.

At the moment we are living the knitting season as wool socks are the most common Christmas present in our country. Thousands of grannies, nanas, sisters and colleagues are knitting socks right now to give their loved ones soft packages again this Christmas. 

We also have a tradition to knit for charity. Almost all our maternity hospitals give the newborns a pair of tiny socks. Quite often there are also fundraising when we knit for example for our honored elder veterans. In 2015 when masses of refugees arrived in Finland in the middle of winter, one of the first things Finnish people did was to knit wool socks to keep their feet warm.

The knitting has also changed its form. In addition to the traditional wool socks, many self educated wool artisans create the most amazing colors and patterns . In fact one of the most popular Finnish Facebook groups is about sharing knowledge and pictures of wool socks.

Even thought I personally don't know how to knit (well I do since I knitted in elementary school but you know what I mean) I just love to look at those amazing creations the talented wool artisans around the country are able to create using only yarn and needles.

Have an amazing autumn. Remember to be happy and wear wool socks!


Hale - The wool sock lady who doesn't know how to knit.